The fact that we supply a very competitive market led our company to develop the following key points:

  • Quality in raw materials
  • Breeding isolation and poultry fattening
  • Technological investment

Human resources, well trained and motivated, promote the appropriate use of them. We make poultry food rations in our own balanced food plant. They consist of maize and soya, cultivated in this area and we control their quality.

Our poultry is bred in isolated farms which guarantee the best health standards. On these farms we have modern feeding systems, water distribution, eggs collection, and environmental control.

In our slaughter plant we make the necessary inversions so as to supply the most demanding international requirements. More than 800 workers and professionals guarantee the commitment to our clients.

The fluent communication with our clients allow us to be at the forefront of the market requirements; thanks to their suggestions, our constant improvement is much easier. In this way, we can offer a product that is appropriate to their necessities, with the frequency and continuity required by different markets, and also to keep up with the product innovation necessities and presentations.